2017 Quilt Along -Part 1

Welcome to my very first quilt along.We will be making a hand stitching book that is perfect for taking with you on the road as you travel, or simply for keeping all of your basic hand work supplies in one place. Last week I provided details about the project, including a supply list.

This is an unpublished pattern. As such, you will be helping work out some minor details. Please be patient if there are corrections, and feel free to post your comments if you have questions or recommendations.

Having said that, it’s time to get started! I will be making 2 (those who know me won’t be surprised) out of these 2 batches of fabrics. You may see either of these in the demonstrations photos, depending on which photo is the clearest.

Part 1 – The Outside Cover

There are five parts to the outside cover: back, front, spine, casing (x2) and flap (x2) .parts2


From fabric, cut the following:

  • 2 pieces 11” x 8” (front and back covers)
  • 2 pieces 10½” x 7” (flap)
  • 1 piece 3” x 11” (spine).
  • 2 pieces 2 ½” x 16” (casings)

Note: You may want to consider using a dark or a heavier fabric for the flap and spine as this part of your book will get the most wear and tear.

From fusible interfacing, cut the following:

  • 2 pieces 10½” x 8” (covers)
  • 1 piece 10½” x 7 (flap)
  • 1 piece 3 x 10½” (spine)



  1. Fuse fleece to the wrong side of the fabric for the front cover, back cover and spine, leaving ¼” at the sides in each of the pieces.
  2. Sew the front cover to one side of the spine and the back cover to the other side of the spine. Press away from the spine.
  3. Quilt, embroider or embellish the outside of your book, as desired. This is your chance to personalize your book. One of my fabrics had a pattern that was easy to follow with stitching. For the other fabric, I went to Melissa Marginet’s new book on Walking Foot Quilting Designs for inspiration, and found a design called ‘Burst’ that I thought would work well.

    Here is a picture of the backside, which shows the quilting on both of the books.quilting

Set aside.


  1. Hem the 4 short ends of the casing by folding over ¼” twice and topsitching.
  2. Fold the long edge of the casings in half (wrong sides together (WST)), and press. Set aside.


  1. Fuse fleece to wrong side of one piece of fabric (your fleece will cover the entire flap)
  2. Place 2 flap fabric pieces right-sides-together (RST), with one short end closest to you. The upper left hand corner will be considered to be Point A.
  3. Measure and mark the fabric 4” from Point A on the top short side. This will be point B.
  4. Measure and mark the fabric half way down the right side (should be 5 ¼”). This will be Point C
  5. Measure & mark the fabric (left to right) 4” on the short side closest to you. This is Point D.
  6. Mark the lowest left corner as Point E and finally, mark the center of the left long side as Point F
  7. Cut from B to C, and from C to D. Discard the small pieces.quilt-along3
  8. With RST, sew from A to B to C to D to E using a 3/8” seam allowance. Clip away excess fabric at the tips.
  9. Turn right side out (RSO). Press and topsitch as desired.
  10. Make your buttonhole.

Finishing the Outside Cover

  1. Measure and mark the center of the Back Cover top. Match this mark up to Point F on the flap. Baste the flap to the Back Cover. Note: The finished flap should be at least ¼” smaller than the Back Cover on both sides. It’s ok if the flap is a little more than ¼” short, but should not be less than ¼”. See picture below.
  2. Measure & mark the centers of the 2 casings. Fold your cover in half and mark the center point of each side of your book. Match one of the casings to each side. Baste both in place.

Your outside cover is now complete. Set it aside until week 4, when we will put it all together. Your button can also be put on at the end when it will be easier to decide on the placement.

Next week we will make the first 4 inside pages.You will need your 4 D-rings and 2 sets of sew-on magnets.

Thank you for sewing along. I would love to know how many are working on this. Drop me a line… Show me your fabrics…



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4 Responses to 2017 Quilt Along -Part 1

  1. Marilyn Fontaine says:

    Hi Judy, Just to let you know I am making this project with you and have completed it so far. Can hardly wait for next week.

  2. Marian Walpole says:

    Hi Judy, I’m joining you 2 years late – but better late than never. I have completed this step and am very pleased with the results, your instructions are very clear and make it easy to achieve a good result – shame I can’t post a pic here. As some of your materials are not available here in Portugal, ie fusible wadding, sewable magnets and plastic canvas, I am having to improvise, but so far so good.

    • Good for you for improvising! That makes it even more personal. The plastic canvas gives it structure so anything stiff will work. The magnets are one of my most favorite things about this book when travelling (for keeping the needle in one place when I need to free my hands) so I would encourage you not to eliminate them altogether. You could make any magnet sew-in by stitching it into a small pocket and then stitching the pocket on to the page. So glad you decided to make this pattern and yes, I wish you could post pictures here!

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