Super Simple Quilted Pillowcases

My friend Lise is responsible for my diversion this week. She asked for an item that used to be my bestseller when I did craft shows – in purple. I will not tell you what that item is (it is a gift, after all). But you know what happens once you start pulling fabrics from the stash, don’t you.

Also on my to-do list was a quilted pillowcase. When I made my nephew’s t-shirt quilt in June, I was not able to incorporate one of the t-shirts and had promised to use it in a pillowcase.

I pulled out my purple minke, cotton, and flannel. I only needed a small amount for Lise’s project and since I was already planning to make pillowcases, I decided a pillowcase made out of these would be very pretty as well.  Then, just because there some nice pink minke laying right beside the purple minke, I added that colour to my pile. After all, a cold winter is right around the corner. I cut them into 5 1/2″ strips. pillowcase

Then I found ‘grandchildren’ fabric that they would soon grow out of. One grandson is in kindergarten so ABC’s are appropriate this year but probably not next year. The other grandson is 2. With no other grandchildren in sight, I needed to use the zoo animal panel now or never.

My 2 grandsons were coming for a sleepover the following night. Could I make them some nice cuddly pillowcases for movie night at grandma’s house?

By the end of the weekend, I had 5 quilted pillowcases done.Thanks Lise! This was fun.


Here are the instructions, in case you need to whip up some super simple gifts.

  1. Take 30″ of pre-quilted cotton x width of fabric.pillowcase3
  2. Plan your layout. Add enough fabric to cover the quilted cotton.
  3. Spray baste fabric to the quilted cottonpillowcase4
  4. Quilt with your pieced fabric on the bottom and the quilted cotton on the top.
    • make sure you use a walking foot !
    • Use the stretch zig-zag stitch at the widest and longest setting. You can shorten this if you are not using any fleece or minke.
    • stitch every second row, following the lines on the quilted cotton. I start by doing several long rows from one corner and then the other corner, all going the same direction. After that you can work from whichever direction is convenient without much shifting.
    • square up all sides
  5. With right sides together, sew side and top seams with a 5/8″ seam. Clip 2 top corners to reduce bulk. Turn right side out.step5
  6. Hem your pillowcase.
    • Option 1 – for a folded hem, add bias tape to the edge, turn under and top stitch. That is what I did for the zoo animal pillowcase.hem4
    • Option 2 – a hem with a facing is my preferred finish as it keeps bulk to a minimum.

      To do this:

      • measure the circumference of your pillowcase
      • cut fabric for facing. For the striped cases, I cut it 7″ x (circumference + 1/2″)
      • with rst, sew short end of facing together using a 1/4″ seam
      • finish one long edge with bias tape (purple pillowcase) OR you can skip this step if the long edge is a selvage end (pink pillowcase). This works especially well with minke. The selvage edge is stable, not very noticeable and you are not adding any extra bulk. (grey pillowcase)
      • with rst, pin facing around pillowcase
      • sew around the edge with a 5/8″ seam allowance
      • flip facing fabric to the inside – not at the stitching line but at the edge of the fabric. This will give you the look of a band, without extra bulk.
      • topstitch along the stitching line, and again at the edge of the facing. For my strip pieced pillowcases, I was able to topstitch on the seam where the first and second fabrics were stitched together.step7

That’s it! You are done! Hope you give it a try. These pillowcases are nice and cuddly.

By the way, it’s not too late to make and send postcards.Pictures and miles are starting to come in. It’s looking like a great month.

Thanks for reading my post. Have a wonderful week.

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2 Responses to Super Simple Quilted Pillowcases

  1. Elise says:

    Hi Judy, thank you for the post. I will try this out during the Christmas break. Have been so busy with school & work. This will be a great diversion – Elise 🙂

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