Christmas Cards

How are your Christmas cards coming? Are you done, or just starting. That’s me. Scrambling to keep up with self imposed deadlines.

When you send your cards this year wouldn’t it be nice to include someone you don’t usually exchange cards with? Maybe someone had a tough year and just needs to know you are thinking of them. Maybe an elderly aunt has outlived their friends and doesn’t receive many cards. Maybe they are living in a Nursing Home and would proudly display your card on their door. Let’s spread our love and make their day!

Remember the Christmas contest I announced in October? I will send a gift to the person that logs the most quilted postcard miles. If you need inspiration, look at this map.

Locations where cards have been sent are marked with a dot. A detailed list can be seen here. Do you have friends in a country that has not received a card? Would you like to send them a card and be included in this contest? All you need to do (besides making and sending the cards) is:

  • send me a comment to register your intent
  • send me a picture of the cards you make along with a few details- the number of cards sent, locations and miles.

This does not have to be elaborate but simply a note such as: “I sent 3 cards to Toronto, 1 to Arizona, and 2 to New Zealand for a total of xxxx miles”. The picture and note must be sent to me by December 31st, 2016.

The theme this month is ‘Anything Christmas’. That leaves it pretty open to make anything you like.

nov2016I have received some lovely cards in the last week or two. Virginia told me her husband gets excited when she receives a card in the mail. Mine too! Now when the mail comes in, DH will say “look, look. You got a card!” So much better than flyers. Or bills.

Ruth made the school bus with ink. How clever. Even the windows and doors are stitched! Marnie & I shared a Texas experience in November. She drove through Texas on Highway 66; I flew over it. Virginia took ‘wild’ literally! And then there are some of my first Christmas cards. Love them all!

Speaking of DH, last week I posted a couple recipes from Ken’s Kitchen. A friend informed me that a link to the recipe for chicken-vesuvio did not work. That has been fixed. Thanks for letting me know! Readers – feel free to send me a comment if you see something that needs to be fixed. Private messages will not be published.

In this next week I hope to finish piecing the ‘Connected’ quilt (see last week’s post) so that it can go into the quilting cue. Then I can start on my last minute Christmas gifts. Why do we wait to the last minute? Actually, we don’t. We just keep thinking of new things. And adding them. If we had more money we would spend it. If we had more days, we would add more projects. Ah, the wonderful life of a quilter.We are never bored.

Have a great week! May it be creative. And productive!


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2 Responses to Christmas Cards

  1. Marnie says:

    Thanks for the blog. I had no idea you were also marking them on a map. I see a few places that I sent a card that you never marked on you ur map, so I will send you an email so you can get them logged. If I can remember them all.

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