This week I want to extend a warm welcome to the new friends I met and made on the recent quilting cruise. It was a special time.

Since coming home I have been anxious to finish the log cabin quilt I started in September. All the blocks are done, and trimmed. Ready to be put together and quilted. My quilting cue is quite long at the moment and this is bigger than what I like to do on a domestic machine so it will go to my long arm friend, Donna who always does a superb job. You will see the finished product in a month or 2.

My next project will be to finish ‘Connected’, the Carol Moellers quilt that I started on the cruise. Carol designs her quilts on EQ7, and made the kits using the Go Cutter.carol1

I had the pleasure of dining with Nancy from California most dinners, and she was in my class working when we were working on this quilt.carol2

Another class was taught by Pam Holland. The assignment was to make a whimsical house. Towards the end of the day I asked her what I could do to improve my picture and she suggested quilting the background.house1

After doing what she suggested, it dawned on me that densely stitching the background did not make it stand out as I had expected, but did the exact opposite. It made the house really stand out in the foreground, and the background recede. A very valuable lesson.

We were asked to bring fabric for 2 houses, so the second was hand stitched on the way home. Not quite finished but here is the start…house2

Do you recognize the fabric? Remember my mad scientist experiments? Yes, I found a use for some of it. Saskatoon berries, pincherries, juniper needles, cabbage and coffee were some of the botanical dyes used in these pictures.

We were also treated to a trunk show by Pam. These pictures were taken and posted with her permission, but they are just a tease. Each quilt tell a wonderful story and you need to hear it from her in order to get the full impact.

And how can you talk about a cruise without talking about food? Ken’s Kitchen sent me 2 recipes this week so I am passing them on to you.  chicken-vesuvio and chocolate-pecan-pie chicken-vesuvio


Thanks for reading my post. Have a great week! It’s time to think about Christmas – and postcards! More on that next week.

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2 Responses to Cruising

  1. Kate says:

    The Connected quilt is striking. I look forward to seeing it completed. It looks like you had an excellent adventure.

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