The Winnipeg Art Gallery held their Crafted event last weekend.

In September I wrote about the 20 pillowcases made by my quilt group ‘The South Enders’ which were contribted to this event and then donated to CancerCare/Children’s Hospital. crafted4

Pillowcases brighten the space for a child, making a hospital room feel more personal and more like home. It also gives them a place to keep their personal items when they go for a procedure, or for treatment.

The Art Gallery did a wonderful job of displaying the pillowcases. crafted1

We were also encouraged to make quilts.  Quilts are used for many things in the hospital. They provide shade for preemie babies in incubators, they provide a safe place for babies to play, they provide warmth for cuddling and they go home with the baby. Often families come from rural or northern communities so don’t have all the natural comforts of life with them while their child is in the hospital.

In this case they specifically requested quilts for teenagers. They receive more quilts for children, but not as many for teenagers. This is only one wall of quilts. I recognize several that were made by friends I quilt with.crafted2

A special tribute at this event was for Arlene Crabb, a friend and member of the Crescentwood Quilt Group who passed away this spring. Her family donated her stash to our Quilt Group and members made over 40 quilts for this cause.

Crescentwood holds their mini-retreats the last Sunday of each month and I attend this ‘Quilt Church’ whenever I can. I was not there the month Arlene’s fabric was distributed, but still contributed a quilt I thought would be bright and cheerful. It is the middle one in this picture. A basic tumbling block pattern using charm packs.crafted3

This has been a very busy time so I will leave it here for now. I hope you have a fabulous week. Next week I will tell you about the cats in my life – and how they affected my quilting.

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2 Responses to Crafted

  1. Kate says:

    Lovely quilts and pillowcases, I am sure they will be enjoyed by the recipients.

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