Art Exercises

Did you have a creative week? Were you artistic?  Is there a difference?

I have always considered myself creative, but not artistic. It is something I have wanted to improve, so I made it one of my New Year’s Resolution for 2016. I simply said I was going to search for ART every day. Art is a little vague, and every day may have been a little ambitious, but I figured it would take an ‘everyday’ type of approach for it to become habitual.

Since focusing on art, I have become aware of a number of different strategies a person can use to exercise the right side of the brain. A friend suggested looking for letters of the alphabet in architecture and nature. She looked for letters that spelled the word L O V E, then took pictures which were framed and given to grandparents as gifts from her children. What a great idea! Check out alph_love. (used with permission)

Looking for letters of the alphabet in nature has become one of my favorite activities. Even dear hubby became involved, pointing to patterns in plants, rocks and trees. And a neighbor must have wondered what I was doing on my hands and knees taking a picture of something that looked like a letter.

Here are a couple other strategies I have heard about:

  1. Take an art walk. Schedule it once or twice a week, in the same way you would schedule any other exercise program. Look for anything that interests you – textures, patterns, lines, colours.
  2.  Map out a daily diary in pictures instead of words. This was very difficult for me and didn’t last long, but I think it could be a useful exercise. One I should think about doing again.

The great thing about any of these strategies is that you can do them anywhere, anytime. It doesn’t matter what kind of house you live in, what your neighborhood is like, or where in the world you live. And best of all, they are fun and FREE!

cornbreadFinally, here is a recipe for cornbread from Ken’s kitchen. This is not just ordinary cornbread. It is cornbread with JALAPEÑO, BACON AND CHEDDAR.

Have a great week! Thanks for reading my post.


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4 Responses to Art Exercises

  1. Laurel says:

    Love your strategies, Judy. Mmm…yummy spicy, cheesy, bacony corn bread!

  2. Kate says:

    I have been trying to be more of an artist, and I was greatly encouraged when I was told that a shawl I had completed was not knitting, it was Art.
    Thanks for the ideas.

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