Christmas Contest!

Someone gave me this fabulously fun fabric yesterday. I just can’t wait to make postcards out of it! I might even start today.ladies

My paper pieced Judy Niemeyer Log Cabin quilt blocks are coming along.
There are 80 different fabrics in it and she has a system for ‘shuffling the deck’ so that no 2 blocks are the same. But it means that I don’t always love the combinations, or the pieces that end up as neighbors. They tell me it will all come together in the end. I hope so.pp1

Going from paper piecing a log cabin to paper piecing a New York Beauty is something else. Does ‘Confident Beginner’ sound familiar? How about reckless? Our Satellite Group is responsible for Quilt Reflection’s 2018 raffle quilt and I only have to make 3 blocks. They have been the bain of my existence the last 3 Tuesdays.

Is it too early to talk about Christmas? How would you like to win a gift package of fabric and sewing related items?

In September our quilted postcards on the theme ‘Back to School’ went 16,200 miles, bringing our total to over 600,000 miles! I have not yet announced the theme for the November postcards, but I am giving you lots of time to prepare for December.

The theme will be ‘Anything Christmas’ so get your Christmas card list ready and start planning your quilted postcards. The gift package will go to the person who gets the most miles in December. All you need to do (besides making and sending the cards) is:

  • send me a comment to register your intent anytime between now and December 15th
  • send me a picture of the cards you make along with details- the number of cards sent, locations and miles. This does not have to be elaborate but simply a note such as: “I sent 3 cards to Toronto, 1 to Arizona, and 2 to New Zealand for a total of xxxx miles”. The picture and note must be sent to me by December 31st, 2016.

Now how easy is that?!!! Have a great week.

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2 Responses to Christmas Contest!

  1. Elise Kho says:

    Hey Judy, Lovely fabrics & works! I always look forwards to your monthly post!

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