Times change. Quilters change. Locations change. Recipients change. But in the end, one person(s) gives to another person(s). In that sense, nothing changes. Quilting has always included giving. Just ask anyone involved in fires, floods, natural disasters, hospitals, armies, fundraisers, families, historians. Just mention a need, and quilters embrace the cause.

Yesterday, my local quilt group sewed 19 pillowcases thanks to a purchase of fabric made possible by St. Benedict’s Table, and fabric brought by some who wanted to clean off a shelf or two. Here are a few pics of them hard at work. Aka play.

We had a fun day and ended up with 19 completed pillowcases by the end. More will trickle in over the next few weeks.

These pillowcases will be included with other donated pillowcases and quilts to form a backdrop for CRAFTED at the Winnipeg Art Gallery. CRAFTED is a juried show and sale at the end of October that highlights local artists.

After the event, the pillowcases will be donated to children and teens at CancerCare Manitoba and the Children’s Hospital. A bright pillowcase not only brings a little cheer to someone going through a difficult time, it helps to personalizes their space and gives them a place to put personal possessions when they go for treatment.

Thanks for reading this post, and thanks to those that made these pillowcases possible. Have another creative week.

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2 Responses to Community

  1. Kate says:

    Pillowcases are fun to make, and always well received. Yours look great.

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