Quilted Postcard Stories

August’s theme -‘Go Vintage’was an interesting one!  Continue reading. I am sure you will be entertained. The theme for September in the 1 Million Mile Quilted Postcard Challenge is ‘back to school’. Not very original, but appropriate. It’s not too late to join the fun. Maybe you have a son, daughter, grandson, granddaughter or other special person entering kindergarten, university or anything in-between. Wouldn’t they love a few words of encouragement from you? Why not send them a card – snail mail style. Then tell me how many you sent and what the mileage was, so that they can be included in the 1 Million Mile challenge.ruth-aug

One of the first cards I received in August was from Ruth, and it’s a good one! I have to laugh every time I look at it.
What is more vintage than an apron? Ruth hit the nail on the head with her vintage fabric, apron lines and busty woman, but it was the flower that really sets it off. Can’t you see the wife in the kitchen making supper, all dressed up for hubby when he gets home? At least that’s the movie version. Ruth is a long arm quilter and also has a blog you might want to check out called Stitching Impressions.

marnie-augMarnie did a log cabin block. The log cabin block is about as vintage as the crazy quilt block. I had considered it but decided not to do the log cabin because of the small pieces that would be required. Marnie actually tackled it and then made me chuckle when she said she used fabric she thought replicated vintage fabrics. They were found in her stash under ‘ugly’ fabrics. Don’t we all have some of those?! Marnie has been participating in this challenge since Month 1 and at one point was running out of people to send cards to. In August though, she had a personal best of 10,000 miles. Way to go, Marnie!

verginia-augVirginia sent me a card from her trip to ‘the rock’. I was thrilled – not only to get the card but that it came from Newfoundland. There were 2 provinces that had not sent/received a card in the 1 million mile challenge – Newfoundland and PEI. Now only PEI is left. Does anyone know someone there that could use a card? Virginia says her husband didn’t think they could make a trip there just to mail a postcard! LOL

Back to Virginia… she was one busy lady once she got home. virginia-1First she made some vintage cards in order to keep up with the theme. Here is the one I received. It uses some vintage lace she had saved for some special purpose. Hard to get that these days!

Then Virginia made another 20 postcards for the people on her bus tour. She was kind enough to send me a picture and share her story…

“They are for the other travelers on our tour of Newfoundland.  The plaid is the Newfoundland tartan.  virginia2The fabric was given to us as a little bag with candies in it in our hotel in Gander. I gathered up enough to make them part of the postcards.   The mayor of Gander who was the mayor in 2001 came to speak to us about what happened (in 9/11) when a large number of planes and 4000 people were diverted there when the US airports were closed.  The people of the town and surrounding area welcomed these people and fed and clothed them for 4 days.  A heartwarming story.

The card with the car and road and highway sign is for our driver.  I couldn’t find any fabric with a bus on it.  They will go in the mail on Wed so the mileage will be in Sept…”

Her mileage in August alone was over 28,000! And that did not include the 20 cards that will be mailed in September.

A little closer to home, my niece’s daughter is a sweet 11/12 year old girl who loves to correspond with her Compassion Care sponsor child from Indonesia. One of the cards I made with a Canada flag was sent to her. Earlier in the summer she had a lemon aid stand where she raised over $100 selling lemon aid and cookies to construction workers so that she could sponsor more children. Another sister-in-law also took cards and mailed them to family and friends in places like Alaska and Romania.

Another chance meeting with an old friend happened recently when the topic of my 1 million mile challenge and quilted postcards came up. He is a member of the local Philatelic Society. He loved the postcards with stamps from Brasil, China, and Singapore. Are there stamp collecting clubs in your area? I didn’t even know they still existed. He took cards to mail to his pen pals in Japan and the Philippians.

Go here for a complete list of all the places our postcards have gone. 20 countries, and 589,300 miles. Here is the mileage by month…

  • January, 2016 – 33,000
  • February, 2016 – 37,400
  • March, 2016 – 94,300
  • April, 2016 – 160,900
  • May, 2016 – 45,900
  • June, 2016 – 7,200
  • July, 2016 – 133,500
  • August, 2016 – 77,100
  • TOTAL YTD – 589,300

steak-saladFinally, here is a recipe from Ken’s Kitchen for grilled-steak-salad. It is a nice light meal we enjoyed during the hot days of summer.

Have a creative week!



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4 Responses to Quilted Postcard Stories

  1. Laurel says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed your post, Judy. Virginia’s story is wonderful. I LOVE Ruth’s card.How artistic.

    Marnie’s log cabin is wonderful. And Virginia’s cards and story. Wow. Just. Wow.

    The miles seem to be adding up so quickly. How did Ken know I bought steak today?!

    Are you pleased with taking on this challenge?

  2. Kate says:

    I loved seeing all those wonderful postcards. The Newfoundland ones were very special.

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