Q & A – 1 Million Mile Challenge

What an awesome month July was for our 1 million mile Quilted Postcard Challenge .We partnered with Sheila’s Quilt World and combined our 1 Million Mile challenge with her postcard swap. So how far did we go? An amazing 133,500 miles! That brings our total to 512,200 miles in only 7 months. We are now over half way to our goal!!!

Look at the beauties I recently received…july received

One of these cards is from Brazil – a new ‘friend’ I wish I could meet in person, but now  have the pleasure of exchanging tidbits of information along with quilted postcards. Another is from someone I recently met in Singapore and has never quilted but made her first ever quilted postcard-and then sent it from a mystery location of Shanghai, China! Another participated in her first ever postcard swap, and then there are faithful friends who I enjoy connecting with every month.

There are new people interested in this challenge so I thought a review of the challenge would be in order and I could address questions that I have been asked in the last few months. Such as…

What is the 1 million mile challenge?

  • it is a challenge to see how long it will take for our postcards to go 1 million miles. Since quilting is a craft that is enjoyed around the world, my vision is to blanket the world with quilted postcards. We started January 1, 2016. Now we are over half way in just 7 months. When will it end?
  • since it is about tracking miles, it doesn’t matter who sends the cards or where they are sent. If you are sending cards, let me know how many you sent, and how many miles they covered. Locations are nice but not necessary.

Why are you doing this?

  • to encourage quilters to try  something new
  • to practice and encourage mini-art
  • to make people smile. Can’t you just see a mail delivery person looking at a card that is so different from the regular mail? Can’t you see the nursing home resident pinning the card to their wall or door?

Who should I send the cards to?

  • a friend. You don’t have to be a quilter to appreciate receiving a card. Isn’t it better than junk mail or a bill? Can’t you see your friend pinning the card to their cubicle wall and thinking of you whenever they look at it?
  • how about a grandchild. Wouldn’t they love a special card as a keepsake from Grandma (or Grandpa)?
  • how about sending them to yourself from a holiday destination? Make some cards ahead of time and send them from each of the locations you visit. You think you will remember a certain day forever but if you write a note on the back of the card indicating what you did that day, it will give you details you would otherwise forget. Besides, if you send a card, you won’t feel pressured to find that special souvenir.
  • another quilter. It’s so much fun to connect with someone from another part of the world
  • anyone you would send a thank you card to

Why make them?

  • because they are fun to make
  • you can practice a design on a small space. You don’t have to come up with a design that takes months to make and hundreds of dollars only to realize that it isn’t what you envision.
  • you can practice a new skill
  • you can use up tiny bits of fabric that you would otherwise throw away
  • there is some (almost) instant gratification
  • it’s personal. No one else will come up with cards like yours

What should I do with the ones I receive?

  • some people collect cards with stamps from different parts of the world
  • you can display them with plate stands, and easily change your ‘art collection’whenever you wish
  • if you enjoy scrapbooking, you can include them in your holiday photo’s
  • if you have made a quilt for a grandchild (or someone else that is special ( i.e. a wedding or graduation quilt), why not send them a postcard so that they can frame it as a picture for their wall that will match their quilt

How is this different from other postcard swaps?

  • most swaps have someone collecting addresses and assigning partners.
  • in this challenge I will send you a card even if you don’t make one in return. You are helping me practice a skill and collect miles
  • I will exchange cards with you. It is now fun to collect the mail everyday to see if there are any cards in the mail. Even dear hubby gets excited when your card arrives.
  • I announce a different theme every month which you can choose to follow or not. The theme is there to help stretch our creativity. The theme for August is ‘Go Vintage’.

How should I mail my card(s)?

  • like regular postcards. 99% of the time they will get where they are going. I have mailed hundreds and only know of one that did not reach it’s destination
  • they can be mailed anywhere in the world

What supplies do I need and what if I can’t get them?

  • if you can’t get supplies I can mail you some.  I don’t intend to make this a business but want you to be able to enjoy making postcards too. I will send you a starter kit that includes printed instructions plus 5 pre-cut double adhesive flexi-firm pieces and 5 pre-stamped backs for $10 (Cdn) plus postage. Just send me a comment and we can make arrangements.

It is summer and hard to get back to sewing but I hope you will give this a try and join in the fun. Have a great week.





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One Response to Q & A – 1 Million Mile Challenge

  1. Egléa says:

    You received beautiful postcards! I’m glad my arrived.
    On my blog today I show the yellow ipe trees that appear on my embroidery.

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