My Sandbox

And the winner of Grand Giveaway 2016 is…

First, let’s talk postcards. May was month 5 in our 1 Million Mile Challenge and we logged another 45,900 miles for a year-to-date total of 371,500 miles. Our theme was “Quilt Industry Appreciation Month” and our postcards went to quilt stores, teachers, magazines, quilt show organizers and other people that support our creative ventures. june1Here is a lovely card I received. Thanks for your words of support and encouragement. Totals for each month, locations and all other things postcard related can be found on the Postcard Tab.

June’s theme is “Hit the Road, Jack”. My cards will once again be mailed from a mystery location. It may not be as exotic as April cards were (Fullerton Hotel, Singapore), but still special in its own way. Let me know (by the 15th) if you want one from me. Feel free to make and send cards to anyone you wish. If you want the mileage included in the 1 million mile challenge, just send me a message with the information.

And what have I done been doing lately? I have been playing in my creative sandbox. As far as quilting goes, I am happy to report that one by one, my 2015 UFO’s are nearing completion. Two quilts have been bound and are in the hand stitching stage. One quilt is ready for binding, and one quilt is ready to be sandwiched.  I hope to show those to you in the next week or two. june2

Then, just when some bins become empty, I fill them up again. A log cabin pattern has been on the to-do list for awhile, so I spent considerable time cutting 1 1/2″ strips, until our cat Jasper took up residence on my cutting surface. Since he is almost 20, he gets some extra privileges.june3 Leftovers were set aside to play with.

june4Before even one stitch was made on the log cabin, I came across an article on sewing curves so here is the start of another new project. Somehow, following a simple pattern with no mystery involved is work. Making up a pattern, or following a pattern where some thought/chance involved is play.

But my sandbox is not just about quilting. Once spring comes we are always in reno or construction mode. I recently saw antique furniture restored with chalk paint so last week I was playing with chalk paint on a sideboard that will end up as vanity in the bathroom. chalk paint beforeThis piece is not antique but it is well suited to a faux finish since it is made with reclaimed wood – complete with nail holes and distressed areas. It is a little risky and I would have liked to add some colour but after living with a blue bathroom for way too long, this sideboard will be a boring white. Thankfully, dear hubby trusts me enough to take a paintbrush to a new piece of furniture.

Spring also is the time of year when I start thinking about making some yard art (notice that I said thinking). The rhubarb leaves are gigantic – the right size for stepping stones. Hosta leaves just might become concrete ornaments. An old window may become a stained glass mosaic. Driftwood may join my collection intended to become a driftwood village. There is no end of potential. Just confined by time. And focus.

wool unfeltedThen yesterday I had a most delightful day felting wool. Now that was fun! And way faster than quilting! Kathy Sutton, from Nepenthe Studio, is an artist who usually makes jewlery out of precious metals, copper and gemstones. To play in her sandbox, she picks up wool. Very inspiring! Here are my works-in-progress. Now this might just trump more than one day of quilting.wool felted

What is in your sandbox? What gets your creative juices flowing? I would love to hear your ideas.

Finally, congratulations goes to  mafontaine, the winner of Grand Giveaway 2016: Anne’s Garden. You have 30 days to contact me in order to claim your prize.

Have a creative week and have fun playing in your sandbox! Thanks for stopping by and reading this post.

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2 Responses to My Sandbox

  1. Laurel says:

    Congratulations of all of the postcard miles you collected in May! Those miles are adding up quickly. I like your new projects; please keep us “post”ed!

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