We Stitch

Countdown to Grand Give Away 2016 – 8 weeks.


Ken’s Kitchen : Baked Mac and Cheese. This is a wonderfully rich, traditional side dish that you can prepare ahead. One of the best Mac and Cheese recipes ever.


This week I will keep my post short. It’s always nice to come across quotes that inspire you. Here is one from Barbara Hollinger. She built a pyramid of quilts for Sacred Threads* 2015 and then wrote:

We Stitch

It is what we do. We stitch for warmth and comfort. We stitch to celebrate. We stitch to grieve. We stitch in protest and in support. We stitch for friends, for family and for strangers we will never know. Like the ancient pyramids, the power of our craft rises from a firm base of friendship and community to an apex of strength that will stand the test of time. (used with permission)

How true is that? It’s the beauty of quilting. So versatile. So robust.

Quilting covers the entire span of history, of art, and of culture. You can go modern, or traditional. You can be as artistic as you like, or you can make something just as lovely using precut fabrics and following free patterns. You can make something in one of the rich cultural styles of the world or try an emerging style.  You can make a quilt from your dad’s shirts or from your child’s t-shirts. You can make quilts for yourself or just about anyone around you. It’s all up to you. There are few other crafts that give so much, and have so much to give you.

*Sacred Threads is an exhibition of quilts exploring themes of spirituality, joy, inspiration, peace/brotherhood, grief and healing. They hold a quilt show every 2 years. Go to their website for more information on Sacred Threads 2017


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