We Nailed It in March!

Countdown to the Grand Give Away 2016 – 2 months.


April’s Quilted Postcard Theme is “Work of My Hands,” but it wQuilt Show2016as a limited edition and all of my cards have been reserved. The reveal will be on the last Wednesday of the month. Please come back to see what is happening with the postcards in May. If you are in Winnipeg this weekend though, check out some of the best quilting in Manitoba by attending Quilt Reflections 2016.


1 Million Mile Postcard Challenge March Update: Wow! That’s all I can say. 94,300 miles in one month!!! Can you believe it? Of that, I did 36,000 miles and you did the rest! You can see the miles per month and list of locations here.

Let me show you some of the cardMiriam1s I either received or March virginiaknow about.

These two cards with the lovely water and sky fabrics were both mailed from Florida. For the one on the left, she states that it was her very first postcard ever and she is not even a quilter (yet). I love the star. I thought it was a button but it is actually an adhesive foam shape available at Michaels or the Dollar Store. This card traveled 2100 miles and went through multiple hands and machines but the star stayed put. The one on the right is a very typical beach scene. Doesn’t it just make you want to be there?



Here is a group of cards that were made in a class that I taught. Most stayed with the water theme but they had a great time sorting through a bucket of scraps for some treasures. Some cards were personalized for people they knew or for events in that person’s life.

i love water class


Arlene went homeand made more with a Cannuk theme. Those went to New Zealand. Shauna made some that went to SA Australia. Don’t you think her little nephews will just love the turtles and the personalized note from

Shawna's card


their Aunt?


Here is a thank-you postcard I received with a photo attached (sent in an envelope). That is something I wouldn’t



have thought of. Isn’t it lovely? I suspect that fabric might even be cheaper than scrapbooking paper if you price out it out by the square inch.  Does anyone want to take that on and let the rest of us know? Just think of all the possibilities. All those pretty fabrics out there.



Marnie March


And just today I received another beautiful card with a Bon Voyage message. That is some realistic looking water and fish. There are so many great ideas out there. The sky really is the limit on what you can do with fabric.

This month our cards traveled to some far-away places like Australia and New Zealand. It was also the first time a card went to Europe (Austria) and to/from the Carribean – specifically,  San Juan PR, and St Thomas VI. I actually had fun with this. My grandson (age 4) picked out the cards he wanted before we went on the cruise and I took the cards with me. On port days, my first task was to locate a Post Office. They were actually pretty easy to find – most being located downtown. Then, before heading back to ship at the end of the day, I would pen him a note to let him know what we saw or did that day, and would head back to the Post Office to mail them.  I also met some local artist/crafters. If I felt so inclined, especially if I had purchased something from them, I would get their business card and mail them a card once I got back home.

Finally, I have a question from a reader. If you collect cards, how do you store or display them? She has a photo display stand and changes the cards periodically. That’s a great idea. Up until now mine have been either in a shoebox or in a frame, but her method is more versatile. Do you have other ideas?

I would love to hear from you. Thanks for visiting my blog. Have a creative week.


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4 Responses to We Nailed It in March!

  1. Laurel says:

    What gorgeous cards! Good to hear you’re making miles on your challenge, Judy!

  2. Marnie Houston says:

    I’m so glad I can finally log into WordPress to comment. I love your blog, it fills me with creativity and ideas. And I absolutely love doing the postcards. Thanks for your ideas. I started a hand made one in the car on the way back from Az. But don’t like how it turned out due to lack of proper tools. Will try another one again. Lol.

  3. Marnie Houston says:

    To display, I plan on putting ribbon on each end and tying a little bow on top hang on the wall from a hook in my sewing space.

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