Quilted Christmas Postcards

It’s amazing how something so small can mushroom into something so big.  On weeks that I make quilted postcards, they take over my life.  Teeny, tiny pieces of fabric everywhere. Jewels, trim, thread, stamps and buttons just for starters. For efficiency I tend to work in batches but for variety, each one is different.

This fall I purchased the December 2015 issue of Quilter’s World. QWIt was an amazing source of inspiration.  I used 8 projects from the magazine and revised them into postcard patterns.  It is my hope that the designers will feel honoured that I liked their designs enough to use it, and not be offended by the manipulations that I make in order to downsize and simplify the patterns.  This week I will show you 4 postcards based on Chris Malone designs.

Firsfirst snowt up was “First Snow“. Maybe it’s because its that time of year when we  are getting ready for the first snowfall, but it seemed like a good place to start.  After all, wonky trees don’t need precision.  first snow js
The buttons on the original looked nice, but I don’t usually use buttons on postcards as that would make them too thick for mailing. So I made do with fabric and gems.

Next, was “Welcome to Christmas Town“.town j town It was probably the main reason I purchased the magazine.  Just loved the playfulness of this piece!  But it was definitely a step up in terms of work.  There are about 20 pieces of fabric in each 4×6 card.  The ‘smoke’ is simple sewing thread and I had to resort to a sharpie for the doorknob.  I stopped at 3 postcards but will definitely make more of these in the future.  They just might be my favorites.

I have been looking for new designs for putting pockets on postcards.  Envelopes are basically paper pockets so if you can mail gift cards, cheques, notes or pictures in an envelope, you should be able to make your quilted postcard into an envelope and do the same. The Gift-holderCard Holder Ornaments were perfect for this. pocket pc
The patterns were even the right size and the letters reversed for easy use with Heat and Bond.  A bonus!  I try not to make the pocket too obvious and will close it with double sided tape (used in scrapbooking), or a long running stitch prior to mailing.  Just make sure the recipient knows about the pocket!  Btw, I have mailed gift cards this way in the past and they have all reached their destination.

The Merry Snowman Mug Rug was the cutest thing ever. snowman snowman j My snowman ended up with extra chubby cheeks and looking in the opposite direction.  I didn’t care enough to change it.  He just has his own personality.

This week’s postcards were all based on Chris Malone designs.  Next week Iwill reveal the others I made from this same issue of Quilters World.


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Creator of all things quilted; minimalist in everything except fabric!
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  1. Kate says:

    Judy, your postcards are fabulous!!

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