Hats On; Hats Off

Hats On:

Maxine was suppose to get a nice new hat.  Well, my pattern making skills are a little rusty.  After the 3rd attempt, I’m giving up on millinery attempts and going back to quilting! cloche hat pattern Now if I had received a Human Ecology degree one hundred years ago, I would have had a course in millinery design.  For now, Maxine will have to be happy with her homemade looking Cloche hat.

Maxine's hatThe Cloche Hat was invented by Caroline Reboux and was popular in the 1920’s.  It was a fitted bell shaped hat, worn low on the forehead.  The cost was between $1 and $5.  Decorations were applied to one side only and could be a variety of things – applique, embroidery, brooches, scarves, fans, feathers, ribbon or bows.

Interestingly enough, the ribbons sent a message to viewers*.  Arrow like ribbons indicated a girl was single but taken.  A knot indicated the girl was married.  A bow indicated the wearer was single and interested in mingling.  I guess Maxine is willing to do some entertaining!  Btw, do you recognize the ribbon?


Hats Off:  poster

In the end you just say thanks and goodbye.  A few speeches.  A dinner.  A last walk through old, familiar rooms.  After 105 years, the University of Manitoba has decided to close the Faculty of Human Ecology (formerly Home Economics), my Alma mater.

Human Ecology was all about the study of people with their environment, with 3 areas of study**. Family studies focused on the areas of child development, family resource management, family violence, aging, and housing. Foods and Nutrition promoted the health of communities – food safety, food HE bldgquality, food development and nutrition. Clothing & Textiles covered clothing design and construction, pattern making, textile testing and analysis. I LOVED all my classes.

With such diverse fields of study, these 3 areas have made contributions world wide…from research on the medical/physical affects of new crops such as canola, making recommendations on the care and content labeling for clothing and textiles, to influencing legal changes in the area of Family Violence.  One of the highest profile alumni is the current Lieutenant Governor of Manitoba, Janice Filmon.

We all know change happens, is even necessary.  Foods and Nutrition as I knew it, is now Human Nutritional Sciences with a focus on metabolic and molecular nutrition.  In other words, the link between foods and diseases.  Textile Science is focusing on medical and industrial textiles with anti-bacterial properties for use in medicine and dentistry.  It sounds wonderful.  I wish them well.  I am just a little sad that courses I, as an ordinary person, could relate to are gone.  We may not know what we have lost until it is too late. judy's

*According to Wikipedia

**At the time I attended.  There were many changes in name and focus before and after I attended.

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