Fun with Flannel

Most treasures (i.e. fabric) end up in the treasure chest (i.e. closet).  Every once in awhile however, the sun, moon and all the stars align so that conditions are perfect for an unusual event.  A fabric eclipse.  Now you see it; now you don’t.

That’s what happened with a bundle of 25 fat quarters of ‘Primitive Gatherings’ flannel that I purchased at The Quilt Patch in August. It was so warm and cozy, it didn’t stand a chance.  flannelI just knew I had to use it right away.  And it did not even spend 1 single night in the treasure chest!

On it’s first weekend home, the fabric came to the lake with me where I did a little planning and lots of cutting.  4 patch plansWhat to do with all of these different colours?  Should it be modern (as the use of solids would suggest) or should it be traditional (as the tone of the colours would suggest).

I also wanted something I could take to ‘quilting Tuesdays’.* That meant it had to be easy.  Then I remembered the Disappearing 4-patch.  It is a block I have been wanting to do for awhile and might be perfect for this project.

4 patch cuts

Block with cuts

In this super-simple block, you start by making a 4-patch.  four patchYou can use squares of any size (charm packs or layer cakes would be ideal).  I made my squares 9″ so that I could get 4 squares from each fat quarter.

Then you make a cut on either side of both seams (4 cuts).  There is no formula.  As long as you are consistent throughout, you can cut what is pleasing to the eye.  I made my cuts at 2 1/2″ from the center seam, both directions.  Now you have the 9 patches that will make the block.


middle squares rearranged

Then you simply reverse the middle square top and bottom, as well as right and left sides before sewing the 9 patches back together.


9 patch

sample block, sewn together

That little bit of mystery, that little bit of drama that happens with each block can keep you motivated for a long time!

Most of the blocks are done.  Watch for a
reveal by the end of the year (I hope!).


*I belong to a satellite group of the Manitoba Prairie Quilters.  We meet every Tuesday to chat and sew.  For some reason or another, I can’t think, sew and talk at the same time.  If the pattern is too complicated, I end up making mistakes and spend time ‘unstitching’ at home!




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