#1 WIP

At this week-end’s mini-retreat I worked on my #1 WIP.  The quilt is with the person doing the long-arm quilting, but I always like to make matching pillowcases and cushions from the leftovers.  Besides the fact that I was distracted (talking!) and spent more time unstitching (aka ripping out!) than usual, I was happy to get them done.  The pillowcases are pretty standard.  I started off thinking the band would be on the inside, then added the narrow white band in order to have a nicer edge.  All the seams are French seams so there are no raw edges.  Actually, I like the band better on the outside, but they could be used either way.

reversible pillowcase

reversible pillowcase

The front of the cushion was pretty easy.  I just made squares from the blocks left over from the quilt and added sashing in the dark green to make it fit the size of the pillow.  The quilting is a simple cross-hatch pattern.

Cushion front

Cushion front

I had to think a little longer before doing the back of the cushion.  I did not have any fabric large enough to do it as a single large piece but I did have lots of 4 1/2″ strips of medium green.  It was suppose to be the last border on the front of the quilt but I didn’t like it so left it off.  Now it was all I had left to work with.  In the end I decided to pleat it so that the seams would not be noticable, and then stitched it in opposite directions in order to create texture.

Cushion back

Cushion back

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