Daughter’s 1st Quilt

I am absolutely thrilled that my daughter is starting to share my interest in quilting!  Actually, she came into a quilt store with me while we were on holidays 2 years ago and found a couple patterns she liked.  She even bought a jelly roll for one pattern and some solids for the other pattern.  I was suppose to make the quilts for her.

Metro RingsPattern by Jaybird Quilts

What she didn’t buy was the white fabric (that’s kind of a boring purchase, isn’t it?).

This summer we were going to tackle the projects together.  She was going to make ‘Snack Time’ as her 1st quilt (the easier pattern), and I was going to make ‘Metro Rings’.  But what do you do when you are at an isolated cottage and don’t have what you need?  You work with what you have.  We had the fabric we needed for Metro Rings, but not for Snack Time.  So she proceeded with Step 1 of Metro Rings – sewing the strips together and cutting them out. So far so good.metro rings

Then, she stayed and I left.  I gave her a quick tutorial on sewing curves before I left and she had one side of the curve done for all 96 pieces by the time I returned.

metro rings3




We worked on adding the opposite piece together.

2 seams to be sewn together

2 seams to be sewn together

By this time, she had so much invested into the quilt that she was determined to see it through to the end.  It was no longer a quilt I was going to do for her.  It was her first quilt – even if it was not anywhere close to a beginner quilt.

1st block

1st block





This is the first block for her first quilt.  By the time the weekend was over, all 48 blocks were done.  Again, we had to go separate ways so I gave her another quick 2 minute tutorial on squaring up blocks.  By the time we get together again, I expect that she will have all of the blocks squared up and arranged.  I am so proud of what she has done!


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3 Responses to Daughter’s 1st Quilt

  1. Tammy Peters says:

    I am so proud to hear she is quilting. I wish I lived closer.

  2. Marnie Houston says:

    Wow very impressive for a 1st quilt. It’s amazing when you don’t tell someone that it’s too hard….they sail right through. I would love to see it. I’ve got the ruler and don’t know whether I can tackle it…..this is an experienced quilter with doubts because I know better….LOL! Definitely a worthy post to honour your daughter’s 1st quilting experience.

  3. Leslie Carignan says:

    Wow! First quilt? Ignorance is bliss, and in this case, genius! Brava!

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