I’ve Got a Notion

Last year I signed up for Barnswallow’s Quilt Challenge 2015 – “I’ve Got a Notion”.  The challenge was to create a 3D notion, using the fabrics given.  2014 275At the time, we were traveling a lot and I was hand stitching hexi’s while sitting in the passenger seat of a car.  Even though I had everything in a ziplock bag, it was time consuming to stop, put the needle down and rethread it.  I would have to dig for the thread, for the scissors.

hexi holderMy notion was a travelling needle book that I called a Hexi Holder.  It has a needle page, a thread page, protector pages to keep fabric pieces from becoming wrinkled, and includes both open and closed pockets.  It opens up flat so that it can lay on your lap – perfect in small confined places like airplanes, and cars.  I used it on several holidays this winter and loved having everything in one place.

thread page

thread page

The page protectors are magnetized so I was able to put down the needle whenever I desired without loosing it. I was also pleased to go through almost a dozen airport security terminals without any problem.

needle page




I was thrilled to receive 1st place (Viewer’s Choice) at the 2015 Barnswallow Quilt Show.



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1 Response to I’ve Got a Notion

  1. Ruth Confrey says:

    Very much enjoyed reading your blog….not a quilter “yet”, but inspired by the creativity!

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